In light of recent events, we have decided to change the topic of our upcoming webinar. Please note the date and time of the webinar will not change. If you are already registered for this webinar, you do not need to do anything additional.

Insurance expert Steve Anderson is here to help insurance agents be as productive as they can be during these trying times. 
As more and more professionals of all stripes are transitioning to work-from-home arrangements to ensure social distancing, many of you may be scrambling to find the right tools to minimize any disruption to your business. Many of you now have to balance your regular demands as insurance agents with having to homeschool children and care for loved ones—not to mention having to weather the storm of bad news coming in every day. 
Steve wants to lower your stress level as much as possible and give you some important tips that can make your life easier. This on-demand webinar will cover:
  • Planning your day given the new realities of working from home;
  • Thoughts about best laptops and monitor setups that will make you most productive and comfortable;
  • Choosing the best free software tools (Dropbox, Skype, Slack, Basecamp etc.) to facilitate remote work; and
  • Tips for maintain good internet connectivity and backup plans in case the internet goes down;
In addition, Jake Finnell, VP of Business Development at RPost, will be introducing a *free* work from home program that will help insurance agencies during this crisis. It includes an e-signature, email security, and file sharing toolkit that can be installed in 2-minutes into Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and several agency management platforms.
We hope you are doing well given the circumstances.

About Steve Anderson:

With 30+ years experience in the insurance community, Steve Anderson educates insurance agents on how to use technology to increase revenue and reduce expenses. Steve is one of the industry’s top technology consultants and speakers, and has written articles for virtually every industry publication. He’s currently Dean of the School of Technology at IIABA Virtual University and a national faculty member for the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors.

Wednesday, Mar 25 | 11am PT / 2pm ET

**Revised Topic** Tools Insurance Agents Need When Working From Home

With Steve Anderson, recognized authority on insurance technology, productivity, and profitability


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11am PT | 2pm ET